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Fitness Studio | Concept | Fit n Fierce

Fit n Fierce was created by Stacey J in Hong Kong. Her Fit n Fierce brand offers group fitness classes, Pilates reformer, Pilates mat and private training (referred to some as personal training).

The Pilates method she teaches is Stott and the personal training she offers is very discreet. It can be done at your home or in one her locations in central Hong Kong.

If you’re ready to tranform your life, to get fit, feel fierce and be your best ever self. You have come to the right place. Stacey will create a personal program for you and coach you on nutrition as well as fitness training. It’s time to prioritise your body, to work on yourself and be the fittest and fiercest version of yourself. No matter where you’re at now.

Join Stacey at Fit n Fierce and get started today.


..and by the way we are Fit N Fierce as opposed to Fit and Fierce or Fit & Fierce!