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Fit fierce is a fitness method by Stacey j founder of Fit n Fierce with 4 types of workouts to choose from available online and in studio. Workouts include BURN, SCULPT, LIFT and REFINE for your best ever body. Join Stacey’s fit n fierce community of real women and workout from anywhere in the world.

I'm on a mission

to encourage you to prioritise your body.
I have four class types to choose from and I recommend a different combination of class types based on your goals and workout preferences. I want you to complete three of my workouts each week, no compromise.
I want you to follow my lifestyle shifter guide to introduce one lifestyle shift per week for 8 weeks to enable you to make sustainable and realistic choices on a day to day basis (available from November).
I want YOU to prioritise YOUR BODY.


Full body workout designed to burn fat and sculpt lean muscle.

Full body resistance based workout with options for all levels.

Signature full body resistance class designed to sculpt lean muscle.

Pilates for body awareness, alignment and strength, there's nothing like it

The Lifestyle Shifter

My 8 week program is designed to teach you how to make the right choices. Long term, sustainable and realistic choices for your overall health and well being.
Follow my sustainable lifestyle guidelines from The Life Style Shifter, get access when you sign up (available from November).